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Possible Reasons why you are blocked :

A ) You are not using a current version of a web browser, or
B ) You are using a current web browser BUT it gives old browser info in the user agent string , or

C ) You are a Bot pretending that you are a web browser, or
D ) You are a Bot pretending that you are a Google Bot, or
E )
You are using a content scraping Bot or an E-mail harvesting Bot, or
F ) You have made an excessive number of page requests from our sites, or
G ) You have tried some silly hack attempt against our sites, or
H ) Your visit is from a web hosting server or ISP that has been hacked, or
I ) You are hiding behind an anonymous or proxy IP address that did something wrong in the past and it is banned, or
J )
You are a commercial company trying to make money by scraping our content and selling it to your lazy clients, or
K ) You are following a link from a web site that we banned AND THEY GAVE YOU A BAD LINK TO FOLLOW, or
L ) You are using an 'AD BLOCKER'.

You can try going directly to and see if you are being blocked by our web sites...

You can visit to see what the user agent string is for your browser, to rule out reasons  A)  B) C) or D)

If we are mistaken, please contact us at to have your access problem looked into...

Be sure to  provide us with the IP that is being blocked by visiting : and we will use that IP info to check our server logs to figure out why you are being blocked